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Philipp Winterberg's Screensaver Player

A player/manager for screensavers. Compose a playlist of your favorite screensavers and watch it with Philipp Winterberg's Screensaver Player or use it as desktop wallpaper. Easily access, organize, install and configure all your screensavers. This tool

Philipp Winterberg - Namibia Premium  v.2.0

Philipp Winterberg - Namibia Premium screensaver runs on Windows PCs. It shows 50 beautiful photos of Namibia: Swakopmund, Sossusvlei, D 707, Etosha Nationalpark, Trees, Dune 45, Namib, Dead Vlei etc.


Philipp Winterberg - Namibia  v.2.0

Screensaver that shows 12 photos of namibia: Swakopmund, Sossusvlei, Etosha Nationalpark, Dune 45, Namib, Dead Vlei etc.

Philipp Winterberg - Berlin  v.2.0

A beautiful Berlin screensaver that shows more than 20 photos of Berlin - the capital city of Germany: Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Alexanderplatz, Holocaust Mahnmal, Ampelmännchen, Siegessäule, Potsdamer Platz, Graffiti, Kanzleramt etc.

Philipp Winterberg - Mexico Premium  v.2.0

This screensaver runs on Windows PCs. It shows 50 wonderful photos of Mexico! The Mexico Premium Screensaver shows photos of San Christobal, Oaxaca, México, D.F., Tulum, Chichen Itza, Virgin of Guadalupe, Merida, Sumidero Canyon etc.

Philipp Winterberg's Powerful  v.2 3

Powerful Affirmations is a recommended award-winning tool that helps you to work successfully with affirmations. Do you want to work with affirmations successfully?

SplitGiant  v.4.0

SplitGiant is a simple program developed by Philipp Winterberg. This program allows you to have several different screensavers played at the same time in the same window: you can see two, three or four screensavers together.

Screensaver Player  v.2.0

Screensaver Player is a simple program developed by Philipp Winterberg. This program is designed to show you a presentation of some or all the screensavers installed on your computer.

Powerful Affirmations

I love my body. I am my own best friend. I know I can create any reality I want... Do you want to work with affirmations successfully? Powerful Affirmations offers you this opportunity: Watch the affirmation you choose while you work at your PC. Choose

RAR File Open Knife - Free Opener  v.2 40

With this program you can decompress RAR archives. The installer will automatically register RAR File Open Knife as the default application to open files with the RAR extension. Then, you will launch this program if you double-click on a RAR file.

99 Bottles of Beer Screensaver  v.2 7

Displays "99 Bottles of Beer" songtext and soucre codes of programs generating the songtext in 99 programming

RarZilla Free Unrar Portable  v.2 55

Optimized RarZilla-Version for mobile purposes: RarZilla Free Unrar Portable is smaller, optimized for mobile use - e.g. on an USB-Stick - and comes without setup routine. Just extract all files and "RarZilla Free Unrar Portable" is ready to be used.

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